Borrow & Lending Protocol for NFTs

Welcome to the Honey Finance SDK! The library to interact with the NFT Lending and Borrowing protocol built by HONEY.


npm install @honey-finance/sdk
# or
yarn add @honey-finance/sdk

Project File Structure

1. Actions



2. contexts

3. helpers

4. hooks

5. wrappers

There are four major wrapper objects that represent important info about the on chain program
* client (HoneyClient)
** Can be used to interact with the top level of the on-chain protocol.
** createMarket is the most interesting function here, this can be used once you've initalized the HoneyClient object to create new
lending and borrowing markets
* market (HoneyMarket)
** Once the market is initalized this wrapper can be used to create and read reserves
* user (HoneyUser)
** most important object. initalized when a user clicks on a nft market such that we derive the obligations and
can make on chain transactions
* reserve (HoneyReserve)
** specifies the specific asset pool such as SOL, USDC, etc

Running Tests

Developing locally with the @honey-finance/sdk

Look for the secion on local testing in the article below


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